Full-text access, reinvented

Anywhere Access is a next-generation library solution that delivers simple 1-click access to the full-text PDF for both Open Access & library subscribed content, providing instant benefits for libraries, their patrons and publishers. .

Anywhere Access works seamlessly on & off campus and supports users wherever they are searching:

  • Scholarly search engines
  • Publishers websites
  • Scholarly collaboration networks

As easy to set-up for your institution…

Knowledgebase Export


Provide an export of your knowledgebase or add us to the list of vendors you send auto-exports to (.csv/.txt)

Institutional SSO Login


For increased security, we’ll link into your existing institutional authentication systems


Add Anywhere Access to your subscriptions’ IP range so we can accurately record usage


Add your institutional branding and customize your messaging to personalize your patron’s experience

...as it is for your patrons!

Not only is it easy for an institution to set up, it takes less than a minute for your patrons to get connected!

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