Accelerate Access to your Content

Anywhere Access is a next-generation library solution that delivers simple 1-click full-text PDF access for both Open Access and library subscribed content in the most efficient way. Anywhere Access works seamlessly on & off campus for authenticated users via SSO, and integrates with the libraries’ holdings.

For non-subscribed content, Anywhere Access partners with publishers to provide an unmediated and integrated document delivery service, providing instant access to the Version of Record in a seamless way.

Anywhere Access Document Delivery

Unlock New Revenue Streams

The integrated Document Delivery Service includes a self-served platform for publishers, where settings and reporting can be managed centrally:

  • Publishers can manage their settings in a dashboard, adding pricing both for academic and corporate libraries.
  • Pricing can optionally be set at a journal and customer level. Pricing tiers include the PDF purchase, online streaming (Cloud purchase) or 48 hours rentals.
  • Includes purchase reports at a customer and journal level
  • Billing to libraries is managed by the Anywhere Access team, avoiding cumbersome integrations with internal systems and processes

Benefits for Publishers

  • AA makes journal subscriptions more accessible to users, driving COUNTER usage by downloading the PDF from the publisher’s website
  • Document Delivery module presents an immediate revenue stream, by shifting usage from ILL to instant document delivery
  • Instant unmediated access dissuades researchers from sourcing from “rogue” sites
  • End users access the latest Version of Record, including supplementary material
  • Additional usage and purchase data – captured at customer and journal level – drives site license upsells